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The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Since the Twilight series is a thing of the past, many teens are looking for another “magical” series of books to immerse themselves in. This is where The Mortal Instruments come in. This series consists of four books with more on the way, and a second series The Infernal Devices which has books one and two published. Author Cassandra Clare is also working on number three.

The Mortal Instruments is a story about young teen Clarissa Fray. Clary is the only child of mysterious mother, Josselyn Fray. One day Clary goes to a local New York club with her best friend Simon. There they encounter three other teens that only Clary can see. Clary returns home and finds that her mother is missing. While trying to find her mother Clary learns an interesting secret about her mother and herself, and learns the secrets of the Shadow World. The adventures continue from there and each is sure to keep you guessing.

The Infernal Devices follows the life of Tessa Gray. Tessa is an orphan goes to liveS with her older brother Will. Tessa goes to London to move in with Will, only to find herself taken in by two witches who know a special ability that Tessa wasn't even aware she had. Tessa is also thrown into the secret Shadow World where she searches for Will and learns the ways of both the Downworlders and the Shadowhunters.

As far as The Mortal Instruments go, each book has its own unique adventure and each one is sure to keep you interested. The first book, City of Bones, is hard to get into when you first start reading, but towards the middle you find yourself staying up late trying to finish at least one more chapter. Each book after that just adds to the suspense and you find yourself wondering why you hated reading it in the first place. I have been counting down the days until the next book comes to stores.
So far, I would have to say that the best book in this series is book number four, City of Fallen Angels. It builds the most suspense and makes you read like crazy! I also found it to have the most exciting ending out of all four books. It leaves you wondering what will happen to heart-throb Jace, and eagerly visiting the home page and book stores searching for the date release of the fifth book.

When it came to The Infernal Devices, I found it hard to read. After reading The Mortal Instruments you get a certain image of what you think this series will be like, and it doesn't exactly fall into that category. You find yourself expecting this series to be identical to the last, with the same characters, only a different plot. However, once you get about halfway through the first book, you begin to appreciate the fact that it is different from the other series. With this series you learn more about one of the main characters from The Mortal Instruments. The plot is completely different and so are the characters. This series is just as good as the first and just as interesting.

Stephanie Meyer found The Mortal Instruments to be “a story world that [she] loves to live in. Beautiful!” If the author of Twilight found it that amazing, it was no wonder the series spent six months on the New York Times bestsellers list. The series has been translated into more than 25 different languages and both BCCB and CosmoGirl enjoyed reading it. Don't just take our word for it though, read both series yourself and see if you too find yourself awaiting the arrival of Cassandra Clare's next international phenomena.

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Erin Phoenix said...
Jan. 19, 2012 at 6:03 pm:
Nate is Tessa'a brother, not Will.
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