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Lupita Manana Review by Patricia Beatty

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This adventurous roller coaster of a book is about a poor Mexican family loosing their father in an accident so the older children Salvador (15) and Lupita (13) are forced to cross the border to find work in Indio, California. They face dangers but with what I thought was unrealistic luck they make it, but they also end up finding challenges in Indio as well. The book was pretty unrealistic in some parts from when they left Mexico to getting to Indio. I liked the book in the end though, how things got more realistic but I didn’t like how I felt I was being left hanging on a cliff.

When Lupita and Salvador reach Tijuana I could feel the excitement Lupita felt when she saw all of the lights, like being in the city at night. Some parts I thought that were a bit too unrealistic were when Lupita and Salvador were in the hopper car it was unrealistic and too lucky when the guards checked every other car but not the one they were in. Also when a lot of the people that they came across actually helped them instead of trying to steal from them or hurt them it was a bit too lucky there to. Another exciting part was when Lupita had her first dance but it was really sad how she didn’t enjoy it.

These were just a few unrealistic and realistic parts from this book. I recommend this book to people who like the genre realistic fiction and books about luck gone bad.

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