The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

April 14, 2010
By Shannon Giles BRONZE, St Louis, Missouri
Shannon Giles BRONZE, St Louis, Missouri
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The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks begins with former U.S. marine, Logan Thibault, walking hundreds of miles in search of thanking his lucky charm. With no companion but his loyal German Shepherd, Zeus, Thibault feels he must thank her. While on duty in Iraq, Logan discovers a photo of a beautiful, smiling young woman on the ground, and pins it up in the lost and found are. After weeks of no one claiming the photo, Logan decides to keep it in his pocket from that moment on. Soon, the soldier suddenly begins winning poker games, and surviving situations that he may not have without this streak of luck. Logan's best friend Victor tells him that this girl in the photograph is his lucky charm, and he needs to find a way to thank her.

So with that in mind, Logan sets off across the country, not really knowing what to expect, or an exact destination. After looking at her surroundings in the photograph, he finally finds her exact destination, in North Carolina. Logan and Beth, the beautiful single mom in the photo seem to both be caught off guard with love at first sight. Thibault secures himself a job, working at the dog kennel for Beth's grandmother, and begins getting closer and closer with Beth. Beth’s son, Ben, really starts to take a liking to him and everything seems to be going great. Logan keeps the photo of her in his pocket a secret, which starts to become more of a threat as they start learning more about each other and Logan’s intentions to come to North Carolina.

This was an amazing and suspenseful book, as you are taken through the point of view of three different characters, Thibault, Beth, and Beth’s ex-husband, Keith. This book makes you think, as the whole time you are asking yourself what would happen if Beth knew Thibault had been carrying a picture of her for years?

I would recommend this book to everyone because it is thrilling and suspenseful and you cant put it down! It also has an original and unique plot, and is nothing at all like the other novels I have read about a character with a love interest.

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