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October 4, 2016
By saahil_mohta SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
saahil_mohta SILVER, Sunnyvale, California
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Once Apple takes a breath of fresh air with a new operating system, it continually repeats the same melody. The primary focus of IOS 8 & 9 was refinement with no significant changes to the layout of the software. With the release of IOS 10 however, new ground is being broken, a new tune is being sung. The widespread release of IOS 10 has been a major topic of discussion these past few weeks, although it has many users scratching their heads pondering whether the new operating system is really worth the upgrade. In my opinion, IOS 10 is worth the upgrade, whether or not you choose to download the software.

With a refreshed and slick design, Apple’s latest upgrade to its operating system is packed with numerous convenient features. From my point of view, many of the new features incorporated into IOS 10 are exceptional, enhancing the overall experience of your phone.

One of the more prominent features of Apple’s new state-of-the-art operating system is the “Raise to Wake” system. The M-9 co-processor is utilized to detect motion in devices to have the lock screen visible once you pick up your phone. Thus, time and notifications can be viewed on the fly. Although this feature specifically applies to new Apple devices, it is, in my perspective, excellent for those ‘lazy’ people like me who are tired of recurrently clicking the ON button to wake their devices.

Another notable feature introduced in IOS 10 is a revamped lockscreen. Although you may be presented with the all too familiar screen, it brings a vast number of new tricks this time around. Swiping towards the left of the phone brings you to a customized “Today” screen, allowing for quick access to widgets such as current events. This is a remarkable feature since information can be literally put “in your face” to help you remember it efficiently. Having a widget on the lock screen guarantees you won’t miss it, as it is the first thing spotted once the device is on. Widgets are also designed to turn certain features such as data on and off, increasing the battery life of your device thus allowing for prolonged use of your device. Additionally, swiping to the right of your device leads you to the camera. In my perspective, this is a notable feature because previously, the bottom of the screen had to be swiped up to access the camera. This may not seem like a great deal however, swiping up from the bottom has proven to be a bit challenging. The touch target from the bottom is often missed, resulting in many futile attempts to open the camera. Consequently, great photo opportunities often go amiss, manifesting that swiping right is a much more accurate gesture.

The phone app in IOS 10 has also received a much needed makeover. Because the phone app is unarguably one of the most important apps, there are many notable features that will change the IPhone experience for years to come. Specifically, IOS 10 is allowing the use of various third party apps for the prevention of spam and telemarketing calls. Such apps developed to block spam calls retain a vast database of phone numbers which have found to be spam. This is a favorable feature as it prevents users falling victim to such calls, reducing the possibility of identity theft and call spoofing.

With a vast majority of notable features such as the Phone app and the raise to wake system, IOS 10 has polished a pearl, improving the productivity and convenience of apple devices.

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