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Website Review - Ourworld

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Website Review – Our World
Wish for a world where you could just live all by yourself, dress up anything you like, go wherever you wanna, make friends from all around the world, chat, have fun, listen to never-before-listened-to songs, have dance-offs, have hairs of any length and color, eyes from smoky blue to ashy green or even pale pink and bright orange.
Here is your only chance to live in this type of world, it’s Our World! A total dream world!
Make your avatar, name yourself, make yourself beautiful, add friends, shop, decorate your Condo, invite your friends there, hold events, play games, win stuff and MUCH MUCH MORE!
Your profile takes you to your OWN little world. You can dress up in the clothes you have in your closet (inventory), change your eye color, hair colors, put on Jetpacks, and ride on bikes, Cars etc… collect gems and money and spend it on Rare and Super Rare items. Get challenges from the guys with a ‘!’ sign on their heads and collect badges and medals, comment on your others’ profiles. In addition, the most important thing: write your cool bio, give your heart to any person you crush on, add family and spouse when you reach 100 level.

A place where you land just when you sign up. This place is really cool with other places connected like “Arcade”, “Pier” and “Randomizer” where you just click, go in, and come out with the most random set of cloths on you. Here you will find Zoe who will give little challenges to make you an expert Our World civilian.
Yes, a pier it is. Where an automated music would be playing in the background. Here you’ll find to helpers Azia and DougBot, to give you challenges. This place connects with Critter Derby, Poker Cabana, Snaps and much more.
Soho with a Soho Salon. A beautiful posh area of Our World. Here is Catwalk and three clothing and furniture shops. Lady King for royal-type furniture, dresses, and much more.
Electric Avenue:
From there we go to Electric Avenue. A kinda downtown of Our World with a Garage as a music studio. The headquarter of all Crews. Flo’s Diner, my fave. Café of Our World, with its own jukebox. You can do job as waitress/waiter there too. Blue Cow and Skin Deep are shops for clothing/furniture and tattoos respectively.
A cute place to hangout with a giant teddy called “Weatherby” who gives cute challenges and in return rewards you with the stuff which we can throw at others like Cookie, Paint, Water Gun etc. leads to a cute place Cake Mania where you order a cake out of 4 and transform in something funny. Enchantments and Sugar Star are two shops here. Enchantments provides wings, thorns, horns, glow to your body and much more.
The place with the most dramatic name. It’s scary as hell with Raven Mart which opens every Thursday to sell items with 20% discount. Skeleton Key is a cool shop for furniture and clothing. Midnight Café here is another café but this one really offers food that’s crazy as hell.
My fave. Place. It’s cool and gives an intelligible look to the other clashing places. Its doesn’t have much places to go but its really cool, with Cammie full of challenges with BIG rewards!
Vegas World:
It has what it says in the name. the city of lights it is. With casinos and more places and a shop Lucky 7. In fact, Our World has more sites like “Downworld” and “Vegasworld”. The is the place for grown-ups. You cannot sign up unless you are 18.
You go to Crew Control at electric avenue. Make a crew if you are of 25 or more leveled. Name it and add people in it. Collect gems (that is another story) and get your elevator high! You receive gifts at the end of the month if your crew is high enough.
When you put your first step in Our World, you come as tourist and to be a resident for 1 month/3 month or so you need to buy the residency with REAL money or with gems you collect weekly.
Residents get special benefits. Extra large Condo (that is your room, which you decorate with bought furniture) and garden. You get monthly Mystery Box (which can turn out ANYTHING from it), you get extra large inventory for storing clothing and furniture.

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