Def Jam Icon

March 14, 2008
By Quincy Jordan, Newport News, VA

Icon: the object of great attention and devotion; an idol is what you work to be throughout the game, Def Jam Icon, by EA Games and Def Jam Interactive you are a rising music producer trying to build your label. I really wouldn’t compare this game to any other video game I have ever played because it is so unique. Games like this are not really that common. The mix of the music biz’ and urban life is just sweet.

The best thing about Def Jam Icon is the storyline. It starts off with you in a club and you have to fight a dude named Big Herc ‘cause he was dissin’ you. Then the dude that owns the club wants you to work for him ‘cause he sees that you have potential to be big. The main thing that I like about the game is the way that the people at EA sports and Def Jam Interactive incorporate the music business with urban life.
Another good thing about the game is the realism. When you are fighting someone you see the damage that you are inflicting on your opponent. For example their faces start to bruise and bleed, and if the have no shirt on you can see their ribs bruising. It is sweet to see the damage that you are inflicting on your opponent.

The last good thing about Def Jam Icon is the way that you can customize your character. I personally like the shoes and jewelry customizing. They have the chains of like all the major rap artists. The clothes are all up to date and name brand. Some of the brands include: Rocawear, LRG, Sean John, Pat Farm, Jordan, Adidas,and even Avirex. I think that it is overall pretty sweet.
I really like the game because it vibes with my urbanity. Some bad things about the game would be the excessive use of language and the very gangsta style violence. Also for the concerned parent there is some but not a lot of sexual content. I’d definitely recommend this game to people that favor hip-hop, excessive language, and non-stop violence.

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