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"Legolas by Laura" Review

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I recently read a piece of "Lord of the Rings" inspired fan-fiction. I am a LOTR fanatic and I love Legolas. From all I had heard about "Legolas by Laura", I thought it would be a masterpiece, so I finally looked it up and read it.
First, I would like to say that the grammar and spelling of this piece was awful. Many times, there was not even a space between words! After I got past the appalling spelling and grammar mistakes, I was able to focus on the piece itself. It was... well, I'll get around to that later.
"Legolas by Laura" starts with Legolas riding through the woods and finding a baby girl, whom he calls Laura. His parents agree to raise her at his sister.
The story then skips ahead ten years, when Laura asks Legolas to teach her to ride a horse. Legolas agrees, and during the riding lesson, Aragorn (only referred to as "Strider") and Gandalf are riding by. Strider and Gandlaf briefly discuss not knowing that Legolas had a sister.
After Strider and Gandalf meet Laura, Strider comments on how "cute" she is, and she tells him that it is because Legolas watches over her.
That night, the Dark Lord sends Orcs from "Mondor" to kidnap Laura. They take her back to "Mondor", where the Dark Lord tells the Orcs that they can do anything to her but kill her because she has a "special power". The Orcs then poison her, rape her, whip her, and beat her. When she wakes up, she can't see "very well", can't move her left arm, and is very cold.
Legolas, Frodo, Strider, and Gandalf battle the Orcs, rescue Laura, and bring her to Rivendell to heal. Once she recovers, Legolas tells her that they did the same thing to him when he was her age. Then (before I continue, let me remind you that she is TEN YEARS OLD), Legolas kisses her, and she asks if he will be her boyfriend. He agrees. The story cuts off in mid-sentence just after Strider comes in the room. The end!
I'm going to be (brutally) honest: This is the worst thing I have ever read. Ever. Out of five stars, I give it negative five million. Don't read it. If you value your time or your life, just don't.

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