The Truth About Fairy Tales

October 2, 2011
By Claudia BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Claudia BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Can you remember being a little girl - that is if you are a girl - and watching movies such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, or more recently, The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, etc? In all of those movies the beautiful, thin princess always ends up with the man of her dreams while you sit there and watch, hoping that one day the same will happen to you - the adventure, the romance, the “Happily Ever After”...
You spent your childhood playing princess and dreaming about your future being spent with the oh-so romantic, chivalrous, handsome, and daring Prince Charming. Then you hit your teenage years, and you realize: 1) the boys are far from Prince Charming, 2) the only princess in school is the promiscuous queen bee, and 3) you have reached puberty, which only means you gain weight, get acne, and you get hormonal, which does not help anyone.
So here is the theory: fairytales are tools to destroy the hopes and dreams of young girls through their very unrealistic nature. When several people were asked for their opinions on this idea, the responses were mixed.
“That is a load of crap,” said Mary Holbrook, 34, “Those movies gave me hope for a happy future with a man that I loved dearly, and I am glad to say that I have been in a great marriage for 10 years now.” Well, to Mrs. Holbrook, not everyone is quite so lucky.

“I can’t help but feel like an outcast when I see all of my friends getting into their perfect relationships with their perfect boyfriends in their perfect lives,” announced Jenna Miller, 23, “They have been in relationships since they were ten and I have barely had one. I feel like those stories cheated me out of a decent childhood of playing and having fun, where I was left dreaming about my knight in shining armor instead. I guess he’s not a very punctual guy - he should have been here, say, eight years ago, ideally.” As Nazareth put it, Love (or lack thereof) Hurts... a lot.
These fantasies paint a pretty picture for all of the hopeless romantics who waste their lives on dreaming for something that is unlikely to happen. Hours are spent by poor little girls everywhere, daydreaming about romance - hours they will never get back!
Of course there are exceptions like Holbrook, who do have their dreams become a reality, but for a majority of the world’s women, this is not the case, and they land in either an exceptionally bad relationship or an unfulfilling one, and continue fantasizing about what could have been.
Admittedly, do you believe that all reveries come true? Could it honestly be possible for everyone to have a soulmate? These fables deliberately send out false hopes to make people believe that they all stand a chance at love, when really, society is too superficial, emotionally volatile and uncertain, and too affected by media to offer a healthy relationship for everyone.
Another bothersome detail about fairytales is that in every, single one of them, the girls end up living in castles - every single one. There has yet to be a realistic Disney movie where the girl either chooses to live in a village, or she marries a poor man, or she does not find love and is content with it.
A movie must be made based on these ideas so people can realize that it is okay when not everything happens as expected, and you won’t always be able to have a dream come true, but that does not mean it is the end of the world.
Girls especially, should make a stand. Lives are wasted on this ridiculous concept of princesses and “true love” when there is nothing true about it! If changes are not made, you will end up like me, sitting in my room, alone, next to my dog and writing about the evils of fairytales....
Oh, and by the way, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day watching your pointless romantic comedies and spending time with your so-called “special someone”. I’m sure It will be a blast! Or you can be like me and get yourself a box of chocolates, light a candle or two, and read a book, all by yourself.

The author's comments:
As a side note, I want to make it clear that I am only hyperbolizing my feelings on the subject - I do not feel this strongly about it. I wrote this directly after I finished watching Tangled (make fun of me all you want, but it was a great movie), and I was freshly jealous of the princess. I actually greatly enjoy fairytales.

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