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"Over There"

This is the first issue of the Teen Ink magazine that I have received and I was amazed to see that the quality of the writing was extremely high. However, the article that spoke to me most was “Over There” by Robert Kingett. This nonfiction piece told the story of a blind man who was always told by people “over there”. His guide dog could not bring him “over there” so he was stranded and did not know where to go. This piece spoke to me because it is something that happens in our society today. When you see someone who is different, either physically or mentally, you usually treat him the same as a “Normal” person. We have to learn to accept people who have difficulties like these and help them. So this story was excellent because it showed how people normally react without thinking and do not know how it will affect the person. So if that blind man was in the store and you told him “over there” and he asked where is over there as the man did in the story, you have to give him a clear answer and don’t say “that way”. So to anyone who has read this piece I hope you got the message and to anyone who has not read it I strongly suggest it.

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