nothing gold can stay by robert frost

February 27, 2010
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the poem nothing gold can stay by robert frost,is a amzaing poem. its one of my personal the movie, The Outsiders its being referred to pony boy,to stay young and that when your a little kid eveything is gold,or brand new.Also in the movie johnny thinks his life was worth giving up to save a group of kids stuck in a abandoned church.this poem also refers to nature in the most beautiful way possible 'natures first green is gold'means as spring comes the world is pretty for the first time of the year.'her hardest hue to hold'means its hard to hold on to it,the lush and the beautiful.'her early leafs a flower'means it may only be a leaf its just as gorgeus as the rest.'but only so an hour'meaning the time may pass by so fast it seems like an hour.'then leaf subsides to leaf'meaning the leaves arn't as beautiful as they used to be they look like rest of the leaves on the tree,and not one of a kind.'So Eden sank to grief' the only reason eden sank to grief is becuase as the leaves started to change so did her emotions.'so dawn goes down to day'means morning,the sunrise,turns into day,plain light,and the amazing colors swirl into one.innocnets is no longer there.'nothing gold can stay' means everything i mentioned cant stay everything fades away.innocents goes away.Nothin Gold Can Stay

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