Aquanet That Hair!

January 30, 2010
Aquanet hairspray is the best available hairspray to the public. The spray is an excellent value. For example, I buy it very frequently and it is nothing compared to a splurge. It is much less than many other expensive brands and works outstandingly better. Aquanets 11 once container will last you a while before you spend another 2 dollars and 79 cents to embrace it's wonderful affects once more.

If your wondering what this formula smells like it comes in two different scents. One is actually unscented. The unscented version is great when you don't want people to know you have product in your hair. The other one is a spectacular fragrance which reminds me of a fresh, breezy, spring day. This unbelievable smelling spray is a fantastic choice in styling products for about any occasion.

This is An excellent product, it has a "just right" nozzle that sprays the hairspray evenly throughout your hair to give it the volume it deserves. Also Aquanet has been around for years and hasn't changed a single thing about how its dispensed. Without a single flake, this product will hit every strand of hair you need it to. The fact that the spray doesn't spray to much or too little is an extremely swell feature.

When I use Aquanet my hair seems to always stay in place. I am able to go out all night and return home with my hair still looking marvelous. Perhaps its 100 degrees outside and my scalps glistening with an awful amount of sweat, my hair will still look phenomenal. An awesome advantage is that it isn't necessary for me to use the whole can for my hair hair to maintain the style I want it to.

Aquanet is one of the easiest hairsprays out there to washout. You wont spend hours in the shower scrubbing away at your head. Your hair doesn't need to be smothered in shampoo either, it will come out the first time you wash it. Once you have cleansed your hair, it will feel as if the hair spray never came into contact with it, and isn't that what we all crave?

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Erik said...
Feb. 28, 2010 at 9:33 pm
This is really good very organized
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