November 22, 2017
By Simran Kakkar SILVER, Randolph, New Jersey
Simran Kakkar SILVER, Randolph, New Jersey
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she was a scant child,
her scant eyes, new to the world.
and her scant palms would expand,
grasping the vast atmosphere around her.

she was aghast by the world,
and she let out a tear,
then that one tear grew into a sheaf of tears,
her mother could hear her fear.

her mother sighed,
with the warmth in her skin,
as she paced her fingers,
in strokes that were ever-so thin.

then she whispered to her baby,
with a voice like a tune,

“keep your eyes open, baby,
mama’s here with you.
and when you open your eyes,
those sweet and innocent eyes,
mama will guide you.

through the evil of the night,
and the sorrows of the life,
we will never part,
just promise mama one thing:
keep your eyes open,
and I’ll forever be in your heart.

keep your eyes open, baby
through the waves of hate,
through the agony and the pain,
that is inflicted upon the human race.
and baby, mama knows, you’ll want to close your eyes,
but if you keep them open, you will find love,
you will find humans that are kind.

then mama will not be there anymore,
mama won’t hold your hands,
mama will wave goodbye.
mama won’t be there to sing those precious lullabies.

and even when mama’s not by your side,
mama knows you’ll be just fine,
but always keep mama’s promise
and always keep those open eyes.”

The author's comments:

“a mom?”

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