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Who Cries For Me

July 9, 2015
By Hoops GOLD, North Highlands, California
Hoops GOLD, North Highlands, California
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Favorite Quote:

Finding out the good news and knowing what could of been

Who cries for the mom that I could of been

Watching him grow and listening close

Never thought of Motherhood until I heard you were inside

OMG, I had a baby boy growing inside

The first day I felt you kick

I wanted to cry

Seeing you move was a supriseĀ 

Just starring at my belly knowing I had you made me feel great inside and outside

When the dreadful day came

All I knew was pain

Miresable for months tears years

Never thought I could feel this way, guess it will never change

who cries for me.

The author's comments:

Missing my lil prince so much.

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