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March 31, 2012
By christina johnson SILVER, Houston, Texas
christina johnson SILVER, Houston, Texas
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There is something stunning about this flower
Its beauty tickling at my heart
Emanating nobility as if it were the Eiffel tower
It was that and more that set it apart

I loved that precious flower with every fiber of my being
Ignored the words of my father and anything that he would say
It wasn’t until that day that it commenced to fleeing
The wind came in gusts hauling it forever away

The days that followed were hollow despite despair
That flower meant to me what words could not say
The damage done was something family nor friends could repair
But those feeling were which I did not openly betray

Because the evening after, I tumbled upon a field
My pain had been cut reliably short
Before me was a multitude of flowers revealed
Different hues and shapes of every sort

I realized then that while I had lost one, there were thousands more
Finally I was able to move on
I soon found one that I began to addictively adore
So there we went into the shadows of dawn

And in the back of my mind I knew that if it were to ever be blown away
There were thousands of others out there, and among them was one that would Never stray

The author's comments:
this poem is really just about love and how you will fall into it a million times before you actually find the right one. the 'flower' that i lost was an old ex that i thought i loved but then he just up and left. my point it, theres plenty of fish in the sea and surely among those fish, you'll find the right one for you

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