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im a blind fool

Sometimes when I see you
My skin goes hot
and my blood turns cold
My heart will throb
and you can hear my pulse.

I'll clench my fist and grind my teeth
I just wish I'd find some peace
So I'll beg you on both knees
to end my pain and cure my disease.

But my heart doesn't want to stop
and deep inside i must admit
neither do I
So to myself I must ask why
and are you worth my soul to die?
Because my hearts been hurt for sometime.

I don't kow the answer
but know you are my first
I thought love was supposed to be bliss
Well it feels like more of curse.

How many guys do you know
that would only give a penny for your thoughts
but a dollar for a kiss
they all took a shot
but all their marks missed

I'm sincerly sorry for the damage they did
I dont mean to judge but they'll burn in hell for their sins
For taking advantage of what was pure
And trying to turn it into something wicked and sick.

I could never do that to you
It hurts my heart to see your pain
I only wish to make a change
To show not all your lovers have to be the same
I look past your friendly facade
and your beautiful face
into the place where no ones let in
and nothing escapes.

I have showed you my heart
I only want to heal yours
Dont leave me locked outside its cold steel doors
Of course,everything i believed just possibly might tragically only be delusions.

Through the view of a strangers eyes im just another fool trying to win your heart.But im not a fool because ive made a mistake;I'm a fool because in my heart it believes you are the one.

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