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R's Heart to J

They say they'd care as much as I
But those are all just hollow lies
I'll offer the Truth,and my Heart But not my life
Please take my hand and I'll walk you through the night.

And while we pace under the moons shine
I will explain why you are divine
It's not just your beauty, or that you are kind
But what got me the most were the feelings you hide
Which to the world you keep deep inside.

You've been Hurt, I see it in your heart
And like all wounds, they've all left a scar
You were never running,only looking for a new start
So take my hand, and I'll carry you through the dark.

In the dark are all our sins,
and the evil that follows us,and our demons within
But as long as I feel the pulse of your heart and the warmth of your skin,
I'll never let the sinister harm you again.

I want to give you what you deserve
A start to happiness, and an end to the hurt
I want to heal your heart from the pain its endured
See what I see and believe you are Pure
Take my hand and Trust me,
Now my Heart is Yours.

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