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My Promise to You

Our friendship meant so little to you
And now that I think about it, I did too
You bragged, and gossiped, you even lied
At least now I can say that I tried
Our hugs, my help, you never cared
So here's to all the secrets never shared

Just when I think we're on the right track
You remind me how you never had my back
But even now, I could forgive you
You mistakes, I could see through
But I don't think that's a very smart move
Because before I do that, you have a lot to prove

Do you really plan to be there for me?
Come to that sports game you promised to see?
My trust, it wasn't hard to gain
But you didn't deserve it, that was the pain

It seems like we still have feelings to mend
From the day I sadly lost my best friend

Our friendship was never fair
But I don't think you really care

I get that you hate me
Maybe more then I see

And maybe, just maybe, you always will
But I promise to love you still

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