April 27, 2018
By Hayden.loves.poetry GOLD, Olympia, Washington
Hayden.loves.poetry GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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i’ve got a secret for the mans
but a little bit of time wouldn’t really hurt that bad
i get that you won’t get it
that you’ll burn up inside
and you won't regret it
your not gonna believe any words i’ve said
So what’s the point of drowning another day?
and i get that i won’t get it
but the world is sure that you won’t regret it
little things and stereotypes
that will help you thought this dark night
there will be a day you’ll be alright and really mean it
i promise you it will all be okay 
there nothing to do but try and try
there are thousands of people who will listen to you cry
but i get they won’t understand it
but they love you so much that you’ll never regret it
your at the bottom this is it
just get thought the day then you’ll be fixed
you think i don’t understand it
but i’ve burned my way though and i havent regret it
little things and stereotypes
will help you though this one night

The author's comments:

Inspired By Dodie Clark 

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