Rules of Time

April 20, 2018
By bookworm12120 PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
bookworm12120 PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Why couldn't those weeks just last an hour?

Why can't that big day come right now?

Why couldn't each winter pass in a day?

Why couldn't those summers take me away?

Instead the rules of time had to come by

And take the fun away

Yeah, the rules of time came by

And took the fun away

Why can't celebrations last eternity?

Why can't some days just seem like a bad dream?

Why can't this month extend into a year?

Why does time always end up leaving me in tears?

The rules of time

They come by

And take the fun away

Yeah, the rules of time keep coming by

They take the fun away

Why all theseĀ restrictions?

Why all theĀ predictions?

Can't we just go on without these rules of time?

I know we can't ignore it

I know that it's important

But wouldn't that be better than...

Wouldn't that be easier than...

Won't it be tougher when...

The rules of time come by

And take the fun away

Oh yeah, the rules of time will come by

And take the fun away...

The author's comments:

Don't let the rules of time restrain you.

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