October 10, 2017
By Arhepler22 GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
Arhepler22 GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Small steps leads to success; one leap leads to defeat. - Āveril

You took it by the hand and let it go
Falling into life of despair.
Are you unaware
or do you just not- care.
You picked and pocked at life to be?
Not knowing or caring for what's left waiting.

Are you unaware
or do you just not care
For what's left to be?
Can you be a little patient
Or is this not worth waiting?
If you didn't care for you
Then it would have been worth it.

Think of others- not just yourself.
But you just don't care.
Feeling of the wonders you give yourself.
Did you wait for everything to leave
Or did you let it come to get you.
You didn't need this for your self.
I never said to get lose yourself.
I was unaware.

The author's comments:

Unforgettable is about someone telling this kid at ool that they are not caring. But this kid becomes sad and vanishes from existence. (Not a true story).

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