call to me

February 24, 2017

I’m in too deep, I am defeated, a silent plea, calls in the distance, I am in need, need of a savior, he calls to me, and I can't resist any longer, for I have ran, ran from the truth, and I have hid, hid from his voice, I have a chance, chance for redemption, I have a choice, and I choose the path of christ
His crimson blood is a sign, nailed on the cross where he had died, he is my savior, my everything, and I will worship, his holy name, when darkness comes he is our light, when struggle stands, we will fight, he took our sins and washed us clean, died out of love for you and me, and when we’re low we hear him speak, oh, I hear you call to me
(End chorus)
I’m on my knees, searching for salvation, I can hardly speak, but you hear what I’m saying, I am in need, need of rescue, you call to me, and I can’t resist any longer,
For I have sinned, sinned and lied, and I have hurt, cut so deep inside, I have a chance, chance for reborn hope, I have a choice, and I choose the tree of life
(repeat chorus)
You take my sin, you take my shame, you take my pain and wash it away, you heal this grief, you break these chains, you restore my faith, and all debt’s been paid
(repeat chorus)
Whoa. you call to me! I hear your words, I hear you speak, I hear you say, you call to me.

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