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The Need For Numbness

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Novoca-ine, my old friend
I need you to help me again
Slowly a pain has taken control
Leaving me feeling numb and down
And the darkness that has long lived in my soul
Still remains
Within the need for numbness

For restless hours I tossed and turned
The bursts of anxiety
Pressed by endless thoughts of silence
I sat up without a thought in my mind
When my head throbbed in pain by the darkness of the night
That was silent
And touched the need for numbness

Then as I slowly slipped away
That numbing feeling, in my hands
Curing me of this old darkness
Curing me of this old darkness
Curing me of this sickness that none can see
None can see
The vital need for numbness

“Fools,” said I, “The mental pain
Like a cancer grows unseen
Hear my song so that you can see
Why my old friend is here for me”
But my words disappeared in the wind
And echoed in the caves of numbness

And the people laughed and stared
To the affliction I made
When I need away from the pain
When I need away from the pain
And I shouted, “This is my only cure
As written on the prescription
That I made myself
And whispered in the need for numbness.

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