Because of him

January 5, 2014
I've always wanted him
But I never got the chance
I've always loved him ever since the first day I met him
I love him for who he is
I've always wanted to tell him
Those three little words
And then I would kiss him
We'd be inseparable
He would always be my man
He'd love me back and ask me to marry him
But if only I told him,
it would be like that
But sadly he has fallen for a women
That's not me
As I'd stand there, I can't believe my eyes
..Tears forming in my eyes..

I've always dreamt of him ever since that day I met him, he was my life, my world, I wanted to love him and
Have a family, such beautiful children
But now its crushed, I can no longer ask him

You've always been there for him but instead of you being his girl
He tossed you away like a used ragged doll and left you for her

Running home with tears in my eyes
Lock myself in my room and cry till there's nothing left
Getting everything I can to wash it all away, I'd dance it off but who will I dance with? Just myself..
Dancing the pain away, in a world filled with sadness, loneliness,emptyness

Drinking the pain away till I feel nothing left, everything passing by like just a glance at everything you've seen,hear, spoke to him,comfort him,
Especially love him..

But now its just a broken dream
Never to come true..
Heart broken into pieces
All the alcohol drunken
Not caring anymore about him
Destroying myself, breaking myself, till there's nothing left..

Disappearing from the world of reality
Getting away from him..
Slowly closing my eyes fading into black.
Forgetting everything, throwing everything away, especially him.
All the memories passing by in just one second.
And it was all
because of him

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