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I Don't Believe in the Sea

I believe they were the sea
that grabbed a hold of me
Their waves would go up
raising my only hope
But then they'd crash back down
and there I'd go again
Let down

And now I'm not at sea
And they can't drown me
Their waves were tossed
one last time, but now they're lost
Oh, memories can still sting
But new ones can't be made
Now that they've gone away
Away, lost at sea

I am done believing them
Their voices are fading fast
The storm of laughter, humiliation
is gone at last
It's like it was their imaginations
that left me there alone
But I found a sailboat
and I didn't cry, no


They hurt me
They defeated me
But now I know better,
they were never better
Selfish and conceited,
they had my heart bleeding
to be someone more
But they're not here anymore
Hello, new life
You look kind of bright


And one last thing,
you never defined me
cause' you're just-
just the sea
You don't have me

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