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I can see it now
shooting straight up in this town
But it's all apart from you
Maybe you're a dream, are you?
Well, I guess I'll never know
Because it would never glow
Yes, I know it sounds wrong
but how could we ever be strong
when I'm missing part of you?
So, now what do we do?

Can I know who you are
with so many faces?
They're like the stars
surrounding your finger spaces
You'd think I don't make sense
and I don't know why I'm writing this
because I don't even know you're alive
You're not a dream, are you?

Let's say your real
I'd rather render you fictitious
But here goes imagination,
the one I let the others steal
How can we survive in a world
where you can't tell me secrets?
The stars are listening
You could never be real, darling


When chances are just chances,
it would never really happen
Fascination with fantasizing
Will you be the right timing?


I can see it now
I'll still be dreaming about...
about you, the figment

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