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The Ghost of Infatuation

(Verse I):

Her chocolate irises glistening
in the sunlight of honesty,
the cracks in our connection
I’d let her see.

Broken into pieces went our love,
with a thimble full of letters.
She pierced my throbbing heart
and I let her.


I spilled my burning blood
all over the tarnished floor,
and covered in melting mud
I let her bathe in my gore.

But now I want more.

The ghost of infatuation
is haunting my splintering soul.
I’d stage a confrontation,
but she’d turn me black as coal.

(Verse II):

Nodding as if underwater,
she acknowledged the tired birds.
For my own pleasure I’d sought her,
I’d eaten all her candy words.

Kissing my own hope and pride,
I’d drowned myself in a river.
Of her true presence I’d shied
and now her glance just makes me shiver.



Her striking mist is choking me,
her perfection is all I see,
this time I’ll be all I can be.

Come back to me,
come back to me,
come back to me,


I need more.

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