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Flower petals

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I've got thousands of flower petals,
That say it's true,
Maybe I should stop
Waiting for you.
Its been almost a year,
Since you've last said my name,
Since you've hugged me,
Kissed me, even seen my face.

A lot has changed.
I'm home schooled like you,
And passing all classes,
Isn't that cool?
I almost gave up,
You were the one
Who told me to keep on,
Remember that, love?

I read an old letter,
It said you were happy,
To have a boyfriend like me.
You've got some neat handwriting.
I was always writing you things,
For each anniversary,
I thought you liked them,
But you burned them, it seems.

Ive got thousands of flower petals,
Telling me its true.
That maybe I should stop
Waiting for you,
Its been almost a year
Since I've last said your name,
Since I've hugged you,
Kissed you, or even seen your face.
And oh, I cant tell you how badly,
I want to just start again.
Like we did the first time,
"Are you ticklish?"

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