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You're the Best (Beautiful)

Verse 1:
I feel so bad for you.
All the things that you’ve been through
Must have left some scars.
And now you try to find love
Through a whisper and hug
To fulfill a hole in your heart.

You struggle to accept yourself,
You don’t like who you’ve become.
But someday you’ll see
You have such beauty
You have so much to be proud of.

Look no further
Just stare in the mirror
And realize one little thing:
Never be ashamed
Of that beautiful face
Don’t let cruel people
Dictate how you think.
Listen to me, only me
Because I speak for the rest
You’re a wonderful person
You’re the best.

Verse 2:
I could kill those who feed you lies,
And I could shake you for believing it.
You’re a smart girl
But hopelessly naïve
So I have to drill this into your head.

(see above)

(see above)

We all love you,
We want you to know,
When we think of you,
We think “beautiful”…

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