Letters from a Father to his Family

September 4, 2012
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My darlings how I love you so
But the time has come for me to go
There are so many things I've needed to say
So many things to get out of the way
So I'll start by saying how much I love you
And how much I'll miss you
But don't be sad
And although it's not my choice to leave
I must, and I need you to believe
That we'll be together again, where the sun will shine
Brighter, during happier times

My son
My beautiful son
You're still so young
Nine years old, and you broke the mold
I just know you're going to do something great
I just know your going to be extraordinary
And don't forget to smile every chance you get
Always do what you love
And remember to have fun
Because life's too short to walk around worried
About every little thing
Watch out for your mother
Your sister and each other
And remember to live each day
With a passion
And always remember, what ever you do
I'll always love you

My daughter
My sweet, serene daughter
you were always quite the talker
Always had something to say
Always remember to let your voice be heard
Speak up for the injustices in the world
Because not everyone is as brave as you
Be the person you want to be
Be the change you wish to see
Believe what your heart believes
Dance like nobody's watching
Sing like nobody's listening
Love with a passion that sets your soul free
And keep dreaming your dreams
And reaching for stars that shine the brightest
Because you are the brightest star in my life

My wife
My darling wife
You are the pride and joy of my life
When I first saw you at that dance
You stole my heart and I'll never forget
The way your eyes sparkled when they met mine
But now that I have to go
I want you to always know
How much I'll always love you
Take care of the kids
And don't let them forget
How special they are to me
And if you should find yourself lonely
Laying in bed
Or out with friends
Just put your hand on your chest
And I'll be right there
I'll always be there

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