I'm Lying, I Swear!

March 19, 2012
By yersecret GOLD, New Milford, Connecticut
yersecret GOLD, New Milford, Connecticut
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Please pull me out of rock bottom
I'm drowning in the tears of
a million soldiers

It's not happy, it's not meant to be
otherwise, where would we find the meaning?

Did they ever mention
this history is nonsense
it's just stories, it's just their stories

Did you remember to forget
everything they ever taught you
"I'll learn it on my own," you claimed, without conviction

Belief is the purest form of ignorance

Continue your research
I didn't mean for you to deviate from your studies
my only request
is that you dig
before you bury

The author's comments:
Don't believe everything you hear, kids.

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