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It's Gonna Be Okay

1st verse:
The look on your face lets me know you're uneasy.
I can't help but think you would be the one to save me.
This life I've been living hasn't been the same ever since you walked right in.
You've threatened to leave, but the doors have us locked in.
I can't help that you can't see
your beautiful, lovable, irreplaceable personality.
But I think you've got it all wrong. There's nothing wrong with singing a song that hasn't been written.
Stop fighting the tears and running away.
Is there anything I can say
To make you believe me?
It's gonna be okay.
2Nd verse:
I don't know why it has to be this way.
You tell me you're sorry and keep apologizing.
Sorry can't fix our mistakes.
We're treading desperate waters and I can only say,
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay (x2)
(music plays)
I promise you won't have to worry anymore.
I can save you instead.
We will make it through, whether we're together or not.
Either way, we're gonna be okay.
Beautiful, lovable, irreplaceable...
That's why you're gonna be okay.

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