Beautiful decay

November 25, 2011
She asked if decay can be beautiful
I told her "Yes that's what world will do to you"
But your beauty will be there til the end of you
Its a special thing contained in the things you do
Inner beauty that's every color but a shade of blue
A unique rainbow in the sky for the world to view
You keep chins up,even your kids will look up to you
A wonder woman there's not much that you can't do
You wonder why so many men keep chasing after you
Thrill in the chase of a treasure so valuable
So precious, I do what I gotta do
To make sure that keep a look after you
So I don't ever miss you complete the impossible
Like over coming every single obstacle
Every obstacle that you had adapted too
Then thanked the lord for all that he's done for you
On top of that your a woman who's modest too
I hope I'm man enough to have a chance or shot at you
You drive me crazy,every ink blot is you
Can we stick together like our feelings is some super glue?
Your goddess,that is what i think of you
Got me love sick,from your love flu
Your sweet words feed my soul like warm soup
Keeps me warm like the spirit inside of you
Loves a mystery so I'm determined to be the sleuth
And find the reason I keep coming back to you
Oh well,here is what I'm gonna do
Take your love and give mines right to you
So together we can make the number two
One love plus another added up to
Her saying "Yes I will marry you"
A beautiful decay is something that we are going through
Together even after death I'm in love with you

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