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Soccer's Beat

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Got my laces tied tight
And I’m ready to play
Check my shin guards, Ref
I’ve been ready all day

The fans are cheering us on
‘Cause they’ve heard we’ve got skills
But we treat ‘em like they’re nothing
While still giving ‘em chills

We’re talking bruises on our knees
Showing up just to please
Making sure everyone sees
Playing like it’s a breeze

Pulling our favorite trick-shots
My team ain’t no long shot
It’s a skill that just ain’t bought
You can’t touch us ‘cause we’re red hot

Expecting mercy rule by first half
We get a yellow card we laugh
Yeah, we’re looking like we’re choreographed
What? You want another autograph?

Got our laces tied tight
And we’re ready to play
Check our shin guards, Ref
We’ve been ready all day

Our reputation ain’t no mystery
We’re seeking out the victory
All the other teams are history

‘Cause the game don’t start till we show up

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