April 9, 2011
OlgaPupko SILVER,
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Favorite Quote:
Never Say Never

When I am walking in the street
and I see someone
who never succeeds
but is still trying
then I know
he will try again
and I want to tell him...

Don’t give up
keep trying
when you feel weak, try to be strong
when you know there is no second chance for you
please don’t give up
keep trying...

When I see you and me
I think... we will never be together
because you are there and I am here
but then I tell myself
maybe there is a chance

Don’t give up
Keep trying
when you are weak, be strong
when you don’t have a second chance
don’t give up

When people tell you
that it doesn’t sound good
or doesn’t look good
or doesn’t feel good
pay no attention to them
don’t give up
everything will be good

Don’t give up
keep trying
you are weak- you are strong
you have no chance- you always have a chance
don’t give up
keep trying

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slava said...
on May. 11 2011 at 12:21 am
Interesting song: I like how it shows that there is always a chance.

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