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Hold onto Me

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Memories haunt you from your past;
plaguing you as you sleep, keeping you awake.
Ancient rhymes try to lull you to sleep;
for the nightmares waiting for you in the dark.

Will you take my hand, as the nightmares comes to you?
Will you hold onto me tight, as your life drift away?
Your eyes are filled with longing
and passion burns deep within you,
just forget the past and focus on me for awhile longer.

Rain pours down while you stand alone.
Silent screams echo on deaf ears,
a deadly nightmare clutches your bleeding heart,
while years of pain seep off your skin.

Will you hold my hand. when your tears fall?
Will you hold on tight, when the darkness calls?
Your eyes are filled with longing, with the need to be held by those who turned away.

Your need to live is what keeps you going.
Your need to march forward is what makes you live.
So just grab onto my hand, for I am always here,
for I will be your shoulder to cry on in the end.

Will you hold my hand, when your world crashes down around you?
Will you hold on tight to me when the Apocalypse comes?
Just forget about the world for a moment.

Just focus on me for a while longer...

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