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Mother F**kin Mario

escalators with faces
falling rocks with faces
and freakin' movin' walls
the plumber will die if he falls
everything's a big crazy mess
Italian plumbers saving a princess
from a turtle named Bowser
with Yoshis and flower power

mother f**kin' Mario
it was made by hippies, ya know
mother f**kin' mario
it's better than Zelda, its Mario

he beat Jeff Gordon in a race
his blue turtle shell hit Jeff in the face
and he's also a golfer
sha la la la la la schmolfer
he's killin' turtles like there's no tomorrow
there's the princess, he saved her
and he's even a doctor

mother f**kin' Mario
his prescription is KO
mother f**kin' Mario
it's better than Kirby, its Mario

its better than that
its better than metroid
its better than fallout
its better than halo
its better than sonic
its better than good
mother f**kin' Mario
Luigi's there too, yo
mother f**kin' Mario
its better than you
its better than you
so much better than you
its Mario

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