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The Chosen One

this guy was watching TV
and he went to take a dump
and his toilet began to glow
purplish orange-green
and he was transported
into the mystical realm of
and when he got there
he that it was full of evil and bad
robot ghost ninjas from pluto
they burned the women
they raped the fields
they made gas prices rise
the guy was told that he
was the chosen one from the prophecy
him and only him, they said
could save Kalberxpozuzermcfribbledoode
from the plutonian robot ghost ninjas
so he went on a journey
to the tower of Mriiiiiiih
there sat the robot ghost ninja leader
his name was Dave
the chosen one had to fight
many robot ghost ninjas
they were pretty badass
and super hard to beat
one could even digivolve
but the digimon it became sucked
so it wasn't quite as hard
they had lasers and shuriken
and were already dead
and the chosen one lost all hope of saving
when he made it to the tower of Mriiiiiiih
he cleaned himself up so
the mortician wouldn't have as much work
then he remembered he would probably get all bloody
he ceased and entered the tower
and Dave said
"You're doomed, little man. Not only am I a robot ghost ninja, I am also a Pokemon trainer and a vampire. Now, face the wrath of my Jigglypuff!"
and his Jigglypuff sang
but the chosen one covered his ears
then he kicked Jigglypuff in the jiggly nuts
and stabbed Dave with a wooden stake
then the tower began to glow
purplish orange-green
and he was in his bathroom once more
but he no longer had to poop
for he had already done that
in his pants
doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

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