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A Collection Of Very Short Yet Amusing Songs (Winging It)

The Wall
Power Rangers
the white ranger
the power rangers in a fight
batman vs. catwoman
woody (he's got wood)
casper (casper)
an alien with a sqash for a head floating through space
near saturn
King McBeard and King Smudge
a battle at the castle
McBeard won the battle
there's a purple wizard

Baha (repeat 11 times)

we got high and... uh
and we got high and we were
smoking marijuana and
Mr. Pickles (Mr. Pickles)
we got high and we met Mr. Pickles
and Mickey Mouse and a
pink teddy bear
I'm chasing a dragon flying through the magical forest
"catch me, catch me"
I'm trying to catch you, magical dragon (don't eat me)
come back dragon, slow down

Peanut Butter Pancakes

peanut butter and pancakes
we're gonna cook a pancake
and put peanut butter on it
in butter
in butter
peanut butter pancakes
(squash) what? uh, squash
peanut butter pancakes
eatin' peanut butter pancakes while watchin' BLEACH
there's a guy and he's on cocaine
there's another guy and he's on...
what was it?
(peanut butter and crack)
peanut butter and crack
and they're killing each other
with a sword that's all crazy
like holy [beep] that sword
it's all over the place
it was just a sword and now it's all like that
and aaaaaaah
the guy's dead
he was trying to save some chick
now she's gonna die too

Itchy Butt
my butt itches
it's really itchy
but I can't scratch it cuz I'm in public
and people will stare at me if I
scratch my butt in public
[beep] it itches
itchy butt
itchy butt
itchy butt
my butt itches
now I'm scratching it
I ripped my pants
with my sharp [beep] fingernails
I'm wearing purple underwear
that's a little too detailed, isn't it?
purple underwear, ripped pants
(it's over)

Yes, background singer who for some reason calls the shots, it certainly is.

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