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Smooth Liar

You’re scaring me now
Hearing them gossip,
Arguing to see who’s right
The last word hails the winner
And you kill him deep down inside.

This way,
You are such a smooth, irresistible liar.
You make them all forget that it was really you
Fill our heads with twisted dreams of glory,
That it will all pay off some good way in the end,
(when is the end?)
Such a messed up story.

Once, I too toyed with dreaming of
Joining you.
It was too easy,
It was, way, way too easy to
make this seem ok.
Anyone can play this game,
March with the deadly Chess ranks
(isn’t that how you used to practice?)
Why have you lied to us?

Why was it so simple to shoot at the targets?
To know the history and yet hide their thoughts,
Don my armor, everything in place,
Knowing I can conquer them like I conquered me
Feeling this triumphant high
Talking loud, strutting proud,
I could conjure this black art
Holding my head up high,
“It’s not about how much more can you take
But how much more can you give…”
Yea, how much honor-flavored hatred can they force feed you now
And how much longer I can last on those bars. See if I violate your Look policy too.

I got so many ribbons,
thought I had accomplished something great
And now I hang my head, another victim
Do you even remember me?
Or the homeless veterans?
Gosh, you’re such a good liar.

Something’s just not right,
Never could really put my finger on it
it all looks so good on paper, fine
Morals justifying your actions,
But then,
I could come up with 100 reasons easy why I thought I could
do the same thing here
And get the death sentence.
Like there was any life left once you were through with me.

It’s so confusing, but now I see
You’re just another smooth, cold, calculated liar.
You call it everything, but why am I so empty,
Was this really in the job description?...
Why do I feel so guilty,
So filthy, hearted?

You use honor, band wagon marketing, one sided history, dirty, shielded politics,
And you mess with my mind
Enough to make me think that what you do is not bad because it takes guts
It takes self discipline
And other great qualities I struggle to find in real life…
It’s not what I thought it was,
I thought I was drinking the real thing
And you just fed me some cheap brand stuff instead
Funny how it tastes so similar.

Well, I don’t need your honor
I’ve got my own, thank you very much.
And no, you don’t need mine, (or even want it as you say)
You might include it in the package
But it all comes out the same.

Thanks for the free post traumatic stress disorder,
But I’d rather have cardiac arrest than have this Soldier’s Heart.
I’ve sure made friends of those families whose fathers, sons, and husbands I killed
without a thought. I can finally see how alike we really are.
And thanks for the nightmares,
The glory you forgot to bestow on me.
How did you make me lie to myself?

You’re scaring me now,
Hearing him listen
To friends you’ve caught in your web all over again.
But this time I can barely take it.
He won’t listen to me,
Please oh please don’t lie again
Tell someone the truth for once.
Even though you’ve already killed him.

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