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Dance off the Line

If life is a song and time is the rhythm
Then what am I anyway?
Am I just a lonely natural note surrounded by sharps?
But what if I dreamed that the song was mine?
What if I had all the time to compose a fully natural song?
Life is a song.

If life is a dance and time’s the rhythm again
Then what am I anyway?
Am I just a step? Just a turn? One small leap?
Or am I something more?
But what if I dreamed that the dance was mine?
What if I changed it- now we all dance off the line?
No more walls.
Life is a dance.

Don’t speak out loud
Don’t stand out.
Do not ever dance off the line.
Don’t ask why.
Smile on the outside.
Inside, you’re screaming out loud.
Screaming to dance off the line.

They rule without crowns. They scream without words.
And who are they anyway?
Who gave them this power- This unspoken power
To make you writhe and cry?
What if you didn’t believe these lies.
What if you lived and you opened your eyes to the truth?
Life is yours.

Are you on the ground?
Try and turn it around
Dance off the line
Dance off the line

You’re on the ground and crying for help
No one’s paying attention
No one is listening, no one is hearing you
Except for me
Take my hand and I swear
Together we’ll fly through the air
Trust in me
Let’s dance off the line

Walls are coming down.
Screaming out loud.
Look at this beautiful mess that’s been made.
Everyone’s dancing.
Everyone’s chancing.
And everyone’s dancing off the line.

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