You Give Me Hope

July 25, 2010
All I ever wanted,
Was to be in the lead,
Someone running on the same path,
Would someday find me.
But there was never any truth,
No deep, hidden, meanings,
And this feeling seemed way too new,
Because there was finally a reason,
For me,
To believe.

You came along,
And I found hope,
You sang your song,
And I soon followed.
I didn‘t try,
I couldn’t find my way,
Nothing felt right,
I couldn‘t bring myself stay,
But you helped me see,
How it felt to be free,
No dream could be too strong,
No step I made, was ever wrong.

Your shadow, to me,
Seemed to be perfect,
In every single dream I dream.
And your words,
They bring me closer to sanity.
You give me strength,
You’ve helped me change,
It’s so good,
That I can see your perfect face.


I don’t think you see,
The kind of love, you bring me,
You’ve given me a new road,
That I can take,
All the way home.


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