The Perfect Stranger

March 22, 2010
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I thought I was alone, a castaway
Burdened with the ghost of my past

that I don’t want to recall
With so much hurt the world is giving me
My heart locked itself like a rock
That can’t be open by any keys

I thought I was betrayed, a forsaken
Covered with the murdering lies
of the deceitful people around me
With so much pain that I’m carrying
My heart was crushed into pieces
That can’t be put together by any means of love

But everything changed when I met You

You made me feel that I wasn’t alone
You killed the ghost that I’m afraid of
And helped me moved on
You opened my heart
And lighted my dark path
You carried my burdens in my place
You showed me the real meaning of love
You save me in my darkest moments
And those times that my heart was crushed into pieces
It was like You pick it
and assembled back to its original shape

It’s only because of You that I’m livin’..
You’re the only air that I breathe
And without You I’ll stop existin’..

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