Through my fingertips

December 7, 2009
When your near me i feel so alive
but when your not i feel dead inside
like i know, i know your the one
but so worried i'll lose you for good
any minute now...

Chorus: So what, what will i do? my heart is in love with you, my head is filled with so many thoughts, but when you come to mind all the others are blocked and now I'm holding, holding my grip because i feel you slipping through my fingertips, can't let go yet...

i don't, i don't wanna lose you, i'd give it all up just for you, i need you by my side everyday and night, i cannot lose you and i will bruise too...

Chorus: (x1)

and you are simply, simply amazing
your all i want but all i'll never have
and you say, say that you love me but how could you love someone so unworthy
look at you, your a dream come true
but what could i do without someone like you??

Chorus: (x1)

your slipping through... my fingertips.

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