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Don't wanna let you go

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You left us,
When we needed you the most,
So now how are we suppose
to move on?

Your passing,
Has left us all with grief,
Your time with us was brief,
And we miss you so,
We jus dont wanna let you go.

Oh ooo oo Your time had come,
And God had taken you away,
Oh how I regret each single day,
Of each moment we didn't spend,
And it hurts we had to end it all this way,
I just don't wanna let you go.

I remember
All the times we had,
Cheering me up when I was down,
Trying to get rid of my saddest frowns.

Oh oo I oh I dont wanna forget,
Those precious moments together,
Oh how I'd hate it if we lost it all forever,
I dont wanna let you go.

I dont want it in the back of my mind,
Where i'd have to search and search in time to find,
The painful memories I couldn't confide,
Because there fading away,
Fading all away
With you...
I just dont wanna let you go!

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Jimmy_flash said...
Dec. 16, 2009 at 1:16 pm
I love your poetry n your articles they r really emotionly packed i love them continue to do ur thing :)
Natie replied...
Dec. 16, 2009 at 9:40 pm
Thank you for the comment. You should write a piece too, bcuz id love to see how that turns out :) Thanks again, and btw i only write from the heart and experience in my poems, so you can count that every single word is true:)
Jimmy_flash replied...
Dec. 19, 2009 at 11:44 am
No problem i write from my heart also its like puttin your emotions into word form i luv great poetry. i submited a few poems im waitin for them to be approved
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