The Birds And The Bees

November 2, 2017

She watched the butterfly fly,
She wondered, “How and why?”
She went inside and asked her mom,
“Why can’t I fly?” Her voice soft and calm.
She replies, “We have no wings, my child.”
The daughter looks outside, mood becoming mild,
“But ma it’s no fair, the birds and bees are free,
Why do they deserve such thing and not me?”
The mother stared outside, a bird flying by,
“Humans have no freedom, neither you nor I.
The world is mean, bigger than you could imagine,
But no matter how rough, just show compassion.”

The girl looks over and sees the white dove in a cage,            She released the bird, understanding the trapped rage.

She realizes that she can fly, if she just understood,
That just letting it all go, you can fly, and that she should.

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