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They have thrown off all restraint.
They oppose me to my face.
And now my life sweeps away,
Depression haunts my days,
At night my heart is filled with pain.
So I looked for good but evil came.
I long for the years gone by.
when I was in my prime,
I served as eyes for the blind.
When they were discouraged I smiled.
I thought, "surely will die,
after a long good life."
But now i am mocked by those younger than I.
I walk in gloom without sunlight.
I stand in the public square and cry.
No one else will stand up for me.
They have closed their minds to understanding.
They betray their friends for their own advantage.
My hopes have disappeared.
Tell me what have I done wrong?
Show me my rebellion and my sin.
What has taken away your reason?
What has weakened your vision?
I have heard all this before,
Satan knocking at my door.
What a miserable comforter you are.
I would try to take away your grief,
I suffer no less if I refuse to speak.
You can tear out your hair in anger,
But it won't make the Earth tremble.
Don't Believe the lies!
Always remember to keep on trying,
Because ever since the beginning of time,
You vanish like a vision in the night.
The wounded cry for help.
Wicked people rebel,
Saying, "no one will see me then."
But God will.
For as long as you live,
He'll see.
Powerless they fight for their rights,
Like a little child scared of heights,
Just looking somewhere, anywhere,
For might.
But they too will soon die.
They too will be consumed by fire.
They too will be blown away by the storms of night.

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