CHEM 1050

September 18, 2013
My Chemistry teacher is handing back tests
I am thankful I haven’t seen my score yet
Positive thinking and denial
Doesn't hide the fact that I’ll
Never in a thousand years like the grade I get

My Chemistry teacher calls my name
Hands me the test, I glance at my grade
Grab the calc and bit my lip
Punch the numbers; “What the flip!”
All that studying, this is how I’m paid.

Chemistry class goes by like a snail
Slower than old- fashioned non-e mail
I’m checking my phone
Trying not to groan
At 4:30 I’ll be let out of this jail

I have a science analogy for this
You know that oil and water do not mix...
Science is the water, the oil is me
Now you really have to see
I’m honestly more of an English chick

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