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An Ode to High School

Mondays suck, I look like crap
I don’t understand this stupid map
You’ll let me borrow the homework, right?
I was way too tired last night.
Oh, god, I hate my P.E. class
You’re done already? That was fast.
I have a test in Math today
You’re smart, so sit by me, okay?
He broke up with you over text?
Obviously all he wanted was sex.
Yeah, I got an eighty-five on that thing
One-hundred and three?! Are you kidding!?
I’ve gotta go home, yeah, I think I’m sick too
I really hope it’s not the flu
My mom just called, she’s waiting outside
If you need me to I can give you a ride
Your ex is a jerk, stay away from that guy
Call me later, okay? I love you too, bye.

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