Broken Rules

February 12, 2012
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She promised herself when she was young
A list of things she’d never do
She promised herself to keep those promises
To stick to them through and through

“I’ll never ever date a guy who’s bad for my health”
“I’ll never hold a cigarette,” She said to herself
“I’ll never ever use a drug,” she stated seriously
“I’ll never ever do anything out of plain curiosity”
“I’ll never ever change, I’ll always stay the same”
“I’ll never blame anyone; I’m always the one to blame”

She kept these promises written
On piece of paper
And from then on, wherever she went
The paper went with her
She kept them as her secret pledge,
Hidden and unknown
And from the rules she had set
Far, she would never roam

Years went by and the same girl went to a new school
All this time she had been true and stuck to every rule
But everything changed that day, when she first saw his face
And every rule she had written was slowly erased

This guy with the forest-green eyes was charming, but a smoker
And she couldn’t help it; she fell for the abaser
He stared right through her with those eyes and captivated her heart
And with those glares, those devilish stares, he slowly tore that girl apart

She started to date the guy who was bad for her health
And once the cigarette butt touched her lips, she lost control of herself
He pushed her to take some drugs she’d never heard of; he said they’d set her free
He took her into a room, alone; she gave in to her curiosity
And with those actions she changed; she was no longer the same
The only rule she stuck by was “I’m always the one to blame”

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