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Here I sit against this wall
Watching as you play some tether ball
I sing myself a song, one that you’ve never heard
But you listen and giggle at just about every word
We linked arms on our way out the door
After you stopped laughing and got off the floor
You gave me a nickname, we’re friends now
I think the rest of the grade looked and wondered how
A few inside jokes later and you’re my best friend
Peeing our pants, down the stair we descend
We moved on from last year
No longer are you here
But the jokes are still funny
The bathroom sinks, still runny
We look back and smile
Every once in a while
We think of the year that made our life better
It gives us a warm feeling like a bulky wool sweater
This year is so different, I’ve learned a lot
But no matter all the stuff that’s been taught
They can’t teach me how to miss you
Not after all we’ve been through
I bought my school supplies; off to school I would descend
But no one was there, to be my best friend.

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